1. Where is your salon? 

Our salon is located inside the Bradburn in Westminster. We are on the corner of Bradburn Blvd and 118th place. 

2. Are you affiliated with Wild Roots Salon?

No. Although Wild Roots Salon is not far. We are in no way affiliated with them. We have been doing our own thing and have been proud to hold the name Roots for 5 years now, hoping to grow even further. 

3. Why Partial, Full, or 3/4 Highlight?

A partial highlight just addresses the top areas adding brightness with an underneath darker look. We say for every 3 Partial Highlights, you should then do a full or 3/4 highlight to catch the rest up. 

A 3/4 covers just that 3/4 of the head, everything is included with the exception of the bottom 3-4' of the head. 

A full head highlight is sections from front to very back of the head getting that brightest blonde possible. 

4. What is Balyage? 

 Balayage is a hand painted, out of the foil highlighting technique. It is a bit more labor intensive than foils because its a very conscious layout of highlights in regards to hair movement, cut, and maintenance. It is a soft highlight at the root feathered to a heavier highlight down to the bottom. 

5. Partial vs. Full Balayage? 

A partial balayage mainly focuses on a touch up to someone who already has complete balayge and would just like some of the lightness back up to the part and/ or a face framing focused balayge technique to give brightness around the face. 

Full balayage is just that, a brighter more blended hand painted look from top to bottom. 

6 Why Roots Salon & Hair Studio? 

We think we'd be your best fit because we care. Simple as that. From beginning to end of your service and anywhere in between your last appointment to your next, we care. You can contact us any time morning or night. We just love hair and we genuinely enjoy hanging out with our guests. Something that we pride ourselves on being a more boutique salon. So come on in and feel a part of the family at Roots Salon & Hair Studio.